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BridgeUP Remote

Click below to read Shelby's 12/14 email

On Wednesday and Thursday, December 15th & 16th, BridgeUP will be holding program remotely via Zoom, out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of the BridgeUP community.


Please read the information below carefully prior to joining the BridgeUP Zoom space. 

Attendance Expectations

The attendance requirement for the next two days is simple. You are required to attend program on either Wednesday and or Thursday if:

Wednesday or Thursday is one of your scheduled BridgeUP days


Tuesday is one of your required days and you still have to attend one or two more days to meet your typical attendance requirements

These attendance expectations apply to you unless you've been explicitly told otherwise by your Youth Coach.

While we won't require you to stay in the space for the entire length of program, you will review with a Youth Coach what you have done in the space for that day before you are given the OK to sign off.

Scholars: Please try your best to join program during these times:


FRESHMEN + Sophomores: 3:00–5:00 PM

JUNIORS: 5:00–7:00 PM (community meeting @6)


Zoom + Bridgeup

ALL BRIDGEUP SCHOLARS must have a Zoom account in order to participate in Program. Your Zoom account should be linked to your CURRENT SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS. 

↳If you need to create a NEW ZOOM account, go to the Zoom website and sign up using your school email address or clicking "Sign in with Google" (also with your School email address). If you need additional assistance, please reach out to your Youth Coach.


↳If you have a Zoom account but recently switched to a new high school, login to update your profile to include your NEW school email address. 


↳If you have a Zoom account and nothing’s changed, please continue to use it to log in and participate in program sessions remotely.

Zoom + BridgeUP

Remote:Zoom Etiquette

Technology Policy

Scholars will use laptops, desktops, or Chromebooks (NOT cell phones, iPads, or other tablets) to participate in Program. This allows for maximum participation from Scholars, including being able to show their face, share materials and complete homework assignments.


zoom Name

When logging on to Zoom for virtual program, Scholars must use their  FIRST NAME & the initial of their last name — this makes it easier for YCs and Tutors to track attendance, keep the Zoom environment safe, and keep sessions running smoothly (your name should not be “iPhone,” a nickname, or a parent/sibling’s name).



Have your camera turned ON! This is important so we can all be present and communicate with one another face to face, which is a sign of mutual respect.  Scholars will not receive attendance credit if their camera is turned off during tutoring sessions.  If you need to step away, please let a Youth Coach or Tutor know.


Quiet + clothed

Try to find a quiet place to sit without distractions when you’re logged onto Zoom. Also, please make sure you are fully clothed! (No tank tops, halter tops, etc.)


cell phones

Cell phones should be placed on silent or vibrate during program & check-ins. It is important that we, as a community, give each other our full, undivided attention!

Remote Etiquette

joining Bridgeup remote

Here's what will happen when you join the BridgeUP "Zoom World":

  1. A Youth Coach will greet you and send you to a breakout room.

  2. Once you're there, you will fill out a homework tracker and then get started on your first assignment/task for the day.

  3. A tutor will be with you shortly to review your homework tracker with you and get started working with you that day.

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