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Finished with Homework?

If you're done with the day's assignments, there are still plenty of things you can do! The wisest way to use your remaining program time is:

  • Getting ahead on assignments that are due later in the week or the following week

  • Looking ahead for tests or quizzes that are coming up—or if there's nothing listed on your calendar, but you know something is coming up soon, start studying!

  • Looking at your lowest two grades and determining why they are that low—is it because of tests or quizzes? Missing or incomplete classwork? Homework? Once you've determined what it is, study, go over, or review whatever you need to until you have a strong understanding of the material!

  • If you will be taking regents later this year: go back and review what you learned earlier so you are prepared for the cumulative regents tests!

Otherwise, check out the areas below to see what else to do:


Academic Support


Brain Games

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