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Welcome Back C/O'25!

We hope you had a great August and start to the school year!

Many of you have already shared with us that you have BIG PLANS for this year and things you want to accomplish! We are SO excited to support you along this path towards greatness. Let's start the year off STRONG, and make sure we all know what we need to do. 


As a reminder, we are kicking off the new Program year on MONDAY 9/26/22, with a new schedule structure in place. To make the most of our time together and to ensure successful program days, please make it a habit to check your emails and/or texts, as important messages from Staff will be shared.

C/O 2026 + 2025 are in session Monday + Tuesday:

10th ALPHA GROUPS (Hayesmen) are to arrive at BridgeUP (Room 210) immediately following dismissal; Program runs from 2pm - 4pm

10th BETA GROUPS are to arrive at BridgeUP (Library) by 4pm (not too much earlier because you won't be able to enter the space); Program runs from 4pm - 6pm. 

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